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Got blocked drains in Coventry?

A blocked drain is unpleasant, smelly and could be hazardous. Here at Fixit, we are your local experts in all aspects of drainage and can have an experienced drainage engineer out to you in no time, whichever part of Coventry you happen to be in.

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Clearance of blocked drains all over Coventry, 24 hours a day

Call us any time, 365 days of the year and your call will be taken by a Coventry based drainage expert who will arrange to have drain clearance plumber visit you very quickly.

Our trained engineers will quickly establish the cause of the problem and remove the blockage swiftly and affordably. You won’t be left with a big bill but you will have clean, flowing drains again.

So, for drainage, drain clearance and to quickly clear a blocked drain in or around the coventry area call 024 7621 0029

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Clearance of blocked drains – fast!

Being a long-established Coventry based drain clearance company, we have a team of drainage engineers dotted all over the area who can help you with:

  • Blocked drain clearance in Coventry
  • Sinks, baths and toilets unblocking
  • Drain jetting to remove obstacles
  • Tree roots removed from drains
  • Drainage repairs for collapsed drains
  • CCTV drainage surveys
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Keeping your drains clear

If you notice any of the signs of a blocked drain, you should act immediately to avoid any sewage leaking into your property. You can help prevent the need to have your drains unblocked by taking care of what you flush down your drains. 

The most common cause of blockages is from a build up of mud & silt and general debris. It can also happen when household items are put down the toilet either by mistake or perhaps because many people think they will flush with ease. This like baby wipes, sanitary products, fat, oils and grease should never be flushed and really need to be disposed of properly.